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Nous on aime le chef.

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Hi! Ou peut-être salut. Anyway, this is a tiny community created just so three weird Frenchies could communicate with each other while being away from home -and each other- for a whole year. (I miss you guys! _Em) It's pretty much of interest to us only, and most entries are locked anyway... lol

We didn't think it was fair to list only things we liked below. So we're going to list all the things we dislike here. Let the fun begin:
(Em: But I don't dislike anything really!! Del & Ma: Shut up.)

- Relena, Tohru Honda, Kotori, Saori...
- Lorie (she scares us)
- careless drivers
- clashing clothes (seriously people. No red flowers with yellow stripes) (That's mostly Ma. She's a fashin nazi.)
- morons
- sportswear (that's just Ma again, really)
- spiders
- real TV
- Jennifer Garner (Em: She's the Antechrist!! I SWEAR! Del: I thought it was Jennifer Love Hewitt? Em: Both of 'em! EVIL TWINS!)
- Hyper Run
- Freddy Prinze Jr.
- people
- bad taste
- creepy crawlies
- babies dressed as clowns with pet hens *shivers*
- pink lipstick (Seriously, girls (and, boys) It doesn't suit ANYONE. Stop trying. Stop the massacre!! And stop the killing of baby seals!!! And look!! A dead puppy!!! *bwaaaaaaaaaah*... Hmph. (Ma & Del: Shut up, Em.)
- pouffes
- The world's worst movies:
Del's : Crossroads
Ma's: Harvard Man
Em's: Conte D'ete
- The world's worst singers:
Del's: Helene Segara
Ma's: Lorie
Em's: I'd have to agree with Del on this one.
- The world's worst songs:
Del's: Heal The World
Ma's: Je Ne Veux Qu'elle
Em's: Encore Une Fois

to be added to..
20th century boys, akane tachibana, alex band, alexis denisof, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, basketball, biggles, bilo, bondage, bowling for columbine, brian molko, bryan singer, buffy the vampire slayer, candelabres, caro et jeunet, catherine zeta-jones, charlie chaplin, christian kane, christina ricci, cinema, clamp, clex, clover, crimson, daniel day lewis, danny boyle, daria, darts, dirty pretty things, dragibus, drawing, duo maxwell, décrochement psycho-erotique, edward norton, eliza dushku, empire records, escaflowne, ewan mcgregor, fanfictions, figzou, fong, friends, fruits basket, gackt, george lucas, glups, guy pearce, harry potter, hiroyuki asada, hisashi mitsui, hitonari hiiragi, hommes, hugh jackman, hyde, i'll, indiana jones, james franco, james marsters, jeff buckley, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyer, josh hartnett, jude law, julia roberts, kamui shirou, kaori yuki, kenneth branagh, kenshin, kevin spacey, koalas, leonardo dicaprio, les inconnus, lord of the rings, magic knight rayearth, manga, mathieu kassovitz, michael jackson, michael moore, michael rosenbaum, money, monster, monty python, nana, nicole kidman, noah wyle, peter jackson, pigs, placebo, queer as folk, remote controls, river phoenix, robbie williams, roy the pig, sailor moon, sanosuke sagara, seishirou sakurazuka, shinji takeda, shoes, shounen ai, shrubs, six feet under, slam dunk, sleeping, star academy, star wars, steven spielberg, subaru sumeragi, tetsu, the calling, the libertines, the strokes, the thin red line, tim burton, tokyo babylon, tom welling, trainspotting, usual suspects, vanilla coke, veronica mars, vodka, winona ryder, wish, wolves, woody allen, world domination, world peace, x/1999, yamazaki yoshiki, yaoi, yeti